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FW6116 LED portable mobile light


 LED portable mobile light FW6116 LED portable mobile light

1. Suitable for small-scale maintenance and construction lighting in railway engineering, electrical, power supply, transportation and other places, as well as for small-scale emergency lighting in industries such as power grids and public consumption.

1. Rated voltage of battery: DC 21.6V
2. Rated capacity of battery: 13Ah
3. Light source (LED):
                                 Rated power: 35W
                                 Service life: 100000h
4. Lighting form: spotlight/floodlight
5. Dimming form: 10% -100% stepless dimming
6. Warning light color: red/yellow
7. Continuous lighting time:>8h
8. Charging time:<6h
9. Battery life: approximately 1000 cycles
10. Overall dimensions:
                       Shrinkage state: 510 * 290 * 220mm
                       Raised state: 510 * 290 * 1500mm
11. Weight:<8kg
12. Protection level: IP65 (lamp head)/IP54 (box)

1. One lamp is versatile, which can be raised to serve as a fixed lighting or used as a searchlight by hand to meet the lighting needs of different customers.
2. At the same time, it has the functions of focusing, floodlighting, and red/yellow warning to meet the lighting needs of different places.
3. The box is equipped with an LCD screen, which uses images to dynamically and intuitively indicate different lighting modes. For different lighting modes, 10% -100% stepless dimming can be manually performed, and the LCD screen can visually display the remaining working time of the battery.
4. Integrated design, the lifting rod can be raised to 1.5m and can also be retracted and folded.
5. Lightweight, with a total lamp weight of less than 8Kg; It can be carried both by hand and shoulder, making it more convenient to carry.
6. Humanized design with USB external charging function, meeting the emergency use of outdoor charging for mobile phones and other small devices.