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FW6601 magnetic inspection lamp tube


magnetic inspection lamp tube

1. Suitable for emergency lighting at night in enterprises and institutions such as public security, firefighting, power, and steel.
2. Suitable for strong lighting during inspection and search operations for personnel in municipal, water conservancy, and other industries.

1. The light source adopts imported green and environmentally friendly high-power, high brightness, and low energy consumption LED light sources, with a service life of 100000 hours;
2. The battery adopts a high-energy memoryless battery with large capacity and low self-discharge rate, which can meet long-term use after a full charge.
3. Adopting the integrated design of lamp body floodlight and lamp head spotlight, it is convenient for customers to use in different occasions.
4. The transparent parts are made of engineering plastics with high light transmittance, strong impact resistance and strong aging resistance.
5. Excellent structure and sealing design, with a lamp protection level of up to IP65, ensure that the lamp can work reliably in various harsh environments for a long time.
6. The shell is made of high-strength engineering plastic and aviation aluminum alloy, which enhances the impact resistance and drop resistance of the shell.
7. The lamp has a power reminder function and a low battery warning function, which is convenient for users to understand the remaining power of the lamp and charge it in a timely manner.
8. The charger is equipped with battery over discharge and short circuit protection functions, ensuring safe and reliable use.
9. Adopting fast charging technology, fully charged within 3 hours to improve work efficiency.
10. It has a beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, and is easy to use. It can be placed on a table, handheld, magnetic adsorption, and optional hanging lighting methods.

1. Rated voltage: DC7.4V
2. Rated power (LED): Floodlight: 9W/Spotlight: 3W
3. Rated capacity: 5000mAh
4. Average service life of light source (LED): ≥ 100000H
5. Continuous lighting time: Floodlight: Strong light ≥ 3.5H/Working light ≥ 5.5H
                                              Spotlight: Strong light ≥ 20H/Working light ≥ 35H/Strobe ≥ 24H
6. Charging time: 6h
7. Average battery life: 1000 cycles
8. Overall dimensions: 385 × sixty-three × 70mm (length × wide × High)
9. Weight: ≥ 0.7Kg
10. Shell protection level: IP65