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FW6119 Multifunctional mobile lighting platform


FW6119 Multifunctional mobile lighting platform FW6119 Multifunctional mobile lighting platform

1. Suitable for use as a large-scale emergency rescue by personnel from various police categories such as public security, firefighting, and military forces;
2. Suitable for various tasks such as emergency rescue, targeted search, and emergency accident handling;
3. Suitable for large-scale mobile operation lighting in construction sites of other industries such as railways, water conservancy, and power grid.

1. Adopting high-power LED light source, with a service life of up to 100000 hours;
2. Dual lamp holder design, with each lamp holder having a power of up to 55 watts and a total power of up to 110 watts;
3. The lighting fixtures are designed with adjustable focusing and floodlighting to meet the lighting needs of different customers;
4. The lamp is equipped with signal indicator lights, with a visible distance of 1 kilometer;
5. The entire lamp adopts an integrated design, with a maximum lifting height of 1.8m for the lamp pole. The lamp head can quickly shrink and fold, making it convenient for operators to transport and use;
6. High energy lithium batteries are selected for lighting fixtures, which have large capacity, long service life, low self discharge rate, and are economical and environmentally friendly; One full charge can work continuously for 8 hours;
7. The lighting fixture supports Bluetooth, USB flash drive for audio playback, and high-power speakers. Convenient for on-site command, personnel scheduling, etc;
8. Equipped with an LCD display screen, it can constantly observe the working status and battery usage of the lighting fixtures;
9. The whole lamp is light in weight and easy to carry, and can be carried by hand, by hand, or shoulder to shoulder;
10. Equipped with a tugboat, it can meet the requirements of towing transportation.

1. Rated voltage: DC21.6V
2. Rated capacity: 34Ah
3. Rated power (LED): 2 × 55W
4. LED service life: 100000h
5. Lighting mode: Spot/Omni
6. Warning mode: red blue/red yellow
7. Continuous discharge time: 8h
8. Charging time: 8h (normal)/10h (depleted)
9. Battery service life: ≥ 1000 cycles
10. Overall dimensions (length × wide × Height: Static height: 646 × three hundred and fifty-two × 210mm ± 20mm lifting height: 646 × three hundred and fifty-two × 1860mm ± 20mm
11. Weight: ≤ 20kg ± 1kg
12. Protection level: lamp cap IP66/box IP65