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FW6126 LED Portable Mobile Light


1. Rated voltage: DC18V
2. Rated capacity: 10Ah
3. Rated power: 35W
4. Continuous lighting time: ≥ 6h
5. Battery charging time: 6h
6. Protection level: IP65
7. Overall dimensions: (length × wide × Height: 2.3m (pan tilt height 0.21m)
8. Shrinkage height: 1.5m (pan tilt height 0.21m)
9. Lifting height: 2.7m
10. Weight: 6kg

1. Adopting a high brightness LED light source and a foldable design with three lamp heads, it can provide 360 ° ambient lighting or unidirectional projection lighting.
2. The integrated design of the lighting fixtures, with built-in batteries, can be quickly folded, and the lifting height can reach 2.3 meters.
3. The outer shell is made of lightweight aluminum alloy material, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and resistant to high and low temperatures. The lamp can be reliably used in various harsh environments. The outer shell is made of aluminum, with a surface spray treatment, which has a good hand feel and texture.
4. It can access the management platform through 4G/Wifi transmission, achieving real-time monitoring, file upload, and other functions.
5. High definition camera head, meeting the needs of day and night detail shooting, monitoring and command.
6. The weight is within 6kg, and the protection level of the lighting fixtures reaches IP66, meeting the requirements for outdoor operation lighting.
7. Raise to a height of 2.3 meters to solve the problem of operators blocking light.
8. The storage height is 1.5 meters, making it easy to store and carry.