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SFW6110 portable flood lights with generator


Various outdoor construction operations, maintenance and repair, accident handling, emergency rescue, etc. are used for mobile lighting and emergency lighting.

1. The lamp panel is made of two 400W HPS gas discharge lamp caps, which are made of NH gas discharge lamp caps. The lamp caps can be turned in the same direction or two different directions or illuminated according to on-site needs. Each lamp head can also be individually made up and down, with a large angle adjustment and rotation. Gu Ming: The overall use of light, distance, and proximity is considered. Chengguang has good results, high lighting brightness, and long bulb life:
2. The lamp panel adopts two telescopic cylinders as the lifting and adjustment method. The electric air pump can quickly control the lifting and lowering of the telescopic cylinders, with a maximum lifting height of 3.5 meters. Turning the lamp head up and down can adjust the angle of illumination, and the light coverage radius can reach 100-150n
3. The generator set can be directly used for power supply, and the continuous working time of the generator set can reach 1 sun hour when it is filled with fuel at a time. In places with mains power, it can also be connected to a 220V AC power supply to achieve long-term illumination;
4. The cylinder and generator set are of an integral structure, and the generator set is equipped with universal wheels at the bottom. Rail wheels can also be added according to customer requirements, which can run on uneven roads and rails;
5. The overall product is made of various high-quality all belong materials, with a tight structure and stable performance, ensuring normal operation in various harsh environments and climatic conditions, and rainproof. Spray water, with a wind resistance rating of 8.

1. Rated voltage: AC220V
2. Light source type: metal halide lamp
3. Lamp head power: 2x500W 4*500W 4*1000W
4. Lamp head luminous flux: 4x36000LM
5. Average service life of light bulb: 20000H
6. Rated output voltage of the generator set: AC220V
7. Rated output power: 2KW
8. Rated capacity of fuel tank: 15L
9. Filling with fuel: 13 hours
10. Connected to mains power: Long term
11. Lifting time: 45s
12. Lifting height: 6000/4500mm
13. Minimum height: 1800mm
14. Lamp panel size: 380x395mm
15. Generator set size: 800x500x650mm
16. Lamp panel: 8KG
17. Telescopic cylinder: 11KG