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FW6117 Explosion-proof mobile work light


FW6117 Explosion-proof mobile work light FW6117 Explosion-proof mobile work light

Suitable for small-scale construction, maintenance, and emergency lighting in flammable and explosive places such as public security, fire protection, military, water conservancy, railways, oil refining, chemical, and oil fields. It can be safely used in various flammable and explosive places.

The shell of the lamp is made of high-strength PC+ABS material, with ergonomic design, making it more portable and shoulder to shoulder.
The light source adopts CREE high brightness LED, which is energy-saving and highly efficient. Far superior to similar products, fully meeting the requirements of night maintenance and construction operations.
The lamp adopts a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of up to 10Ah, providing continuous lighting. The strong light discharge time is ≥ 10h, and the working light discharge time is ≥ 16h, meeting the requirements for long-term construction lighting at night.
Equipped with power display function, you can check the power at any time.
The multifunctional lifting rod can be raised up to 1.2 meters for fixed lighting purposes, and can also be folded as a searchlight.
The lighting fixtures are equipped with concentrated, floodlight, and concentrated floodlight, which can be divided into strong light and working light, and can meet the requirements of different work scenarios.
The lighting fixtures have red and blue warning lights, which can warn pedestrians or vehicles and provide safety assurance for construction.
The overall protection level of the lamp is IP66, resistant to 1m drop, and can be reliably used in various rain and snow environments. It is flexible and convenient, and the lamp head can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally and adjusted 135 degrees up and down, allowing for arbitrary adjustment of lighting direction.
The overall weight of the lamp is light, and it can be carried by hand or shoulder, making it more portable.

1. Rated voltage of battery: DC22V
2. Rated capacity of battery: 5Ah × 2 groups
3. Rated power: 50W
4. Light source (LED): average lifespan: 100000h
                                  Color temperature: 5000-6000k
5. Lighting angle: Horizontal direction: 0-360 degrees
                            Vertical direction: 0-135 degrees
6. Lighting form: spotlight/floodlight
7. Continuous illumination time of strong light: ≥ 10h
8. Continuous illumination time of working light: ≥ 16h
9. Charger input voltage: AC100-220V
10. Warning light color: red/blue
11. Battery service life: ≥ 500 cycles
12. Charging time: ≤ 6h
13. Boundary dimension: raised state: 500 × one hundred and fifty × 1280mm
                                         Shrinkage state: 500 × one hundred and fifty × 180mm
14. Weight: 6 ± 0.5KG
15. Operating environment: -20~40 ℃
16. Protection level: IP66
17. Lamp head cable entry device: Φ 6mm